The Jakarta Study

Jakarta proper—referred to as DKI Jakarta to reflect its status as a special capital province (Daerah Khussus Indonesia)—is officially home to over 9 million residents and the heart of the extended metropolitan region of Jabodetabek, the acronym for the secondary cities of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. The Ciliwung River, one of Jakarta’s 13 major rivers, runs through Jakarta DKI before draining into the Java Sea. We approach the study area through a cross-section of spatial scales, taking into consideration not only the larger area of the river catchment and the city, but also the ‘kampungs’, or urban villages, within the city and along the edges of the river.

This study comprises two complementary perspectives on the degraded Ciliwung River. The first perspective, from the Landscape Ecology Module, integrates multidisciplinary approaches to generate solutions at the scale of the river’s catchment, corridor, and at individual urban sites. The second, from the Tropical Town synergy project, offers architectural designs and urban plans for communities that were displaced by flooding of the Ciliwung. It does so by working within the municipal government’s social housing programme.


The research involves mathematical modelling, as well architectural, urban and landscape design. Advanced 3D modelling is used to design and visualise proposed changes. Meanwhile, nested hydrologic, hydrodynamic and water quality models investigate the impacts of these changes. Finally, participatory planning and design methods involve residential communities in the shaping of their future environments. In this we work in two contexts: firstly with communities who live along the Ciliwung River’s banks; and secondly a government-owned and –managed housing estate in Marunda, East Jakarta, where many communities affected by flooding have been relocated.



Interactive Visualisation System

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Jakarta Study Exhibition Setup


Upstream, midstream and downstream sites