Tammy Kit Ping WONG


Tammy Wong received her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (First Class) and MPhil. in geography from Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. Her research interests include geographical aspects of urbanisation in Hong Kong from the perspectives of geography, urban studies and critical theories. She has engaged in a few of research projects on Hong Kong: new town development (Mphil thesis), urban renewal and displacement in Tsuen Wan (2004-07), a community engagement project in Wan Chai (2007-2008), homelessness and housing of urban poor in Sham Shui Po (2005-2007). She has been active in community development: an instructor in a community project of an rural area in Hong Kong (2009-2010); a planning programme of CapAsia (Ball State University, US) in the Tsunami-affected villages in Sri Lanka (2008). She is currently the PhD researcher in Module 5, urban sociology, to study on the wider scale of urbanisation in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan.


The research focus will take an overarching perspective in the understanding of urbanisation processes in the emerging region of the Pearl River Delta in Southern China. The case study will situate three cities, namely, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan, which are located at the eastern belt of the Pearl River Delta Region. It will explore how these cities have been drawn to the emerging region and hence undergone rapid development over the past three decades. It is more specific to examine how different geographical scales have constantly been produced, shuffled and re-ordered into dynamics and interrelated, multitier hierarchical structures where all activities and connections among different cities are embedded. Such rescaling processes also require us to examine the changing spatiality of states and governance in the production of scales. How could these structures and scalar changes develop and contribute to the acceleration of urbanisation processes or urban restructuring in the region?

Exhibitions / Conferences / Events

  • Wong, Tammy Kit Ping (2012). Planetary Urbanization: Comparative Perspective: From New Town to Urban Renewal in Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • Wong, Tammy (2013). ‘Scales, Structural Processes in the Urbanisation of the Pearl River Delta. The Case Studies: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan’. PhD Proposal, ETH Zurich.