Bike to the Future on PARK(ing) Day

Bike to the Future | Imagining an alternative future for the streets of Singapore

As we battle growing air and noise pollution, traffic snarls and crowding, one wonders – How could streets be designed so people would rather walk or cycle, than drive? This is the question that the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) invites you to explore.

Through virtual reality, FCL offers a peephole into an alternative future in Tiong Bahru, where Seng Poh Road is reimagined and redesigned for cyclists and pedestrians. The immersive 360-degree experience will draw visitors into the active streets of the future and provide first-hand insights on the impact of street design on commuting experience.

Visit FCL’s ‘Bike to the Future’ from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Lim Liak Street, at the corner of the Tiong Bahru Market’s front entrance.

Bike to the Future is organised as part of PARK(ing) Day – an annual worldwide event where community members transform parking spots into temporary public spaces. Singapore first participated in PARK(ing) Day in 2013 and the Engaging Mobility group at FCL is happy to bring our vision of an alternative future for the streets of Singapore to PARK(ing) day this year.

More about parking day in Singapore here and more on the worldwide movement here.

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